18vtec reviews and cost??

Thinking about investing my money into a gsr or b16 head maybe in the future did research over the past few months, have seen reviews of extremely unreliable to flawless

just wanna see how much this project is costing most of you guys and how much it gives out stock??

debating between lsv vs. gsr vs. small b16 build?

looking for stock LSvtec specs like how much the engine is pushing

build quality.

and theres already been huge debate between the various motors…

it all goes down to what you’re looking for, what you’re using it for, and how much you’re willing to spend.

and honestly… if you did do any research… you probably would’ve found the prices on your own depending on the parts you’re using…


if you wanted to know how much a gsr or b16 costs:


etc… theres tons of them out there.

and if you wanted to know how much power an engine puts out stock:


sorry if i made it unclear or like weird? i was wondering like how much people have spent on the LSv builds because i have seen a pretty large gap im just looking for reliability in a LSv build

damn those were some fine links.

Thanks Tilegend

“One thing leads to another, everything must work in harmony to have the best gains possible.”

those that build their motors and search for optimum gains will understand exactly what i’m talking about.

because of that, there is no set price, and there is nothing “stock” about an LSvtec. If you are starting from zero, meaning you have absolutely nothing except a DA, with a stock B18a in it, consider roughly $3k for a decent build; thats if you build it once and don’t decide to change something after you seal the motor up and drop it in your car. The motor itself is only half the battle and perhaps half the budget. you’ll need everything else that supports it to optimize it FOR YOUR GOALS.

thats the best advice i can give you.

this is my 1.8L lsvtec, still running strong after 5 years

is that a normal dyno torque curve? i didn’t know it looks like rolling hills, shouldn’t it be more of a gradual incline…?

increments may be different from the graph you’re use to

no…i don’t see how the huge dropoffs is normal

its called scaling… scale both equal to 250 hp and it smooths out.