1991 integra gs automatic

whats up? i just went out and bought my integra, and i was wondering if its more cost effective to just swap the motor out or try and fix it up? i know just fixing it up as is, is kinda useless because its a automatic. but i was actually considering putting a turbo on the motor but was wondering what kind of upgrades i would have to do to the tranny? i mean besides a tourqe converter. will the transmission be able to hold that much power? and does anybody make any clean bodykits for my car? nothing too wild. more like the mugen kits for the 94-01 integra. just plain and simple. just let me know.


Hey whats up man, I have the same car, only a sedan. I am planning on doing a few things, seeing how the car is up to around 175,xxx miles. If anything, I’ll do a 5speed conversion (around $1200), and maybe put either a B16A1 head, or a B18C (94-01 GSR) head. Both give the advantage of honda’s well-known and revealed vtec, while keeping my stock (rebuilt piston ring job with less than 10k) B18A1 block for the torque. Either way, its going to cost some bucks, but I love this ****, and most people on the board would agree. Good luck, and if you’re still interested, I’ll find some good hybrid info for our generation integras.

'91 GS Sedan
Shaved and Clean