2" drop on 205/45/16s???

I’m currently running coilovers right now but thinking of switching to springs for a better ride. the springs i’m looking to get are the Tein for about $150. It says it’ll give about a 2" drop. how would this look on some 16’s with 205/45’s? i dont know how much drop i have with the coilovers right now but there’s about a little over an inch of fender gap. i like the look of it right now but i’m just afraid the Tein’s might be too low or not enough. What do you guys think?

Heres a pic of my car from 2 years ago… 205/40/17 tires and a 2 inch drop with neuspeed springs… almost looks like an inch between the tire and fender… this was when they were first installed with no time to set.