215/45/16 tires in front or back?

Right now I’m running 205/45/16 all around but my two fronts are toast now and have a chance to get two 215/45/16’s for cheap and was wondering if I should run them in the front or back?

I have Rota GT3’s with a +40 offset 16x7 width just in case you wanted to know. So in order for it not to rub… should I be running them in the front or back? I’m lowered about 3 inches… thanks

run them in the back

What is your camber set at? I am running 215/45r16 all the way around and also dropped around 3".

Had an a-arm camber kit but didn’t like it so took it off… no camber kit right now so I’m guessing 2+ negative camber all around?

So you’re not rubbing on turns or on bumps on the freeway?

Nope, but I am at -2.5 front and -3 back.

put them in front.

Will steer better with them on the front.

X2. In the front.