2inch drop..

Hey all doesanyone have pics of a 2inch drop im thinking about geting some h&r race springs (says it lowers it 2.25" in front and 2" in the rear). My question is will this be enough. I want little to no wheel well gap. like quarter to a half at most.(would I need coil sleeves to get this look?) Would neuspeed race springs cut it? They seem to be not as much drop as the h&r’s. Any help and or pics on this topic would be awesome.

depends on a couple of factors man, are you on stock wheels/tires? if so, i’ve seen DA’s lowered about 1.75 up front and 1.5 in the back and had about an inch of clearance and they were on stock wheels, if you’ve got anything bigger then it depends on the size of the wheel a little bit and what size tire etc. in my opinion, having a car with a quarter inch gap or LESS, is a little low, especially on a daily driver, you’ll have tranny problems if its a daily driver, and if you drive hard. unless you get custom axles etc. made specifically for your car among other things its possible to ruin your tranny, import tuner and several other mags have done articles on this stating that most cars can be lowered without tranny complications to about an inch and a half lower than stock without extensive modifications for long term use. now if you’re building an ALL show car then by all means drop it to the pavement if thats your thing LOL. but seriously, it depends really on the size of your wheels/tires etc. and how willing are you to fix stuff that WILL break on a hard driven daily driver lowered two inches or more. hope this helps, sorry for not havin the pics. as i stated earlier, i think da’s lowered 1.75 up front and 1.5 in the back look amazing especially with 16’s.

Yes this is going to be a daily driver. I do have stock wheels and tires on it right now. I just want it to look good and perform decent (at least better handaling than I have now. I was going to go with a 2 inch drop all around. When you say clearence do you mean from the ground? I plan to get 16 inch wheels but I do not know how soon that will be. If I do will that rasie my clearence while making my wheel well gap smaller? I was debating between the eibach sportline (1.8" in front and 1.5" in the rear), the h&r sports (1.8" all around), neuspeed race (2.0" all around) and the h&r race (2.25" front and 2’ in the rear). Do you think I would have much problems going with the h&r race or the neuspeed race? I really dont want much wheel well gap.

what i meant by clearance is wheel gap. between tire and fender. if you lower it two inches all around with 16 inch wheels, it shouldn’t raise your car off the ground at all as long as you run a series of tire that is a little thinner than the stock 14s. for that i apologize for not clarifying what i meant in “clearance”

so i should be good with a 2 inch drop on a daily driver or do you thinkn this is too much? I want under 1 inch clearence. Do you think a 2 inch drop all around will give me like a 1/2 inch clearence? I am not really that hard on my car.

if you are goin with 16 inch wheels, i think a 2" drop wouldn’t be too bad. just be cautious if you feel crazy and decide to go lower, dont expect to have much of a transmission left after about 6 months. and if you aren’t too hard on your car, you’ll be okay. i’m putting 16’s on my car, i just got em last month but i’m not puttin on until after the winter because hopefully my car will be dropped by then and painted soon after. i’m droppin mine 1.75 up front and about 1.5 in the back. nothing too low but with the shocks i’m getting, and the camber kit and strut braces at all 4 corners, this car will be handling alot better. hope this helped you.



ya ive seen that i was hoping to get some different opinions over here why is it so bad on your transmission if you drop your car like that?

I’ve never heard of trans problems because of lowering. :shrug:

Axle problems seem to be more common though. I think some of this is because the bellows on the CV boots start touching. :slight_smile:

ya why would you have transmission problems after lowering I dont really understand can someone explain?

it depends on how low the car is, its more common in cars lowered 3 inches or more but if its not lowered properly, then the axles (primarily the main drive axle obviously) are pushed inwards towards the center of the tranny putting strain on the gears, and in extreme cases, i’ve seen gears broken due to extreme stress. i’ll dig up the import tuner, and the other magazines, and give you issue numbers and page numbers to read up on these facts. but yes, its more common to have axle problems, i should have said that, i was just letting the fella know the REAL downsides to droppin his car. but like i said, if you’re just dropping it about 2 inches AT MOST, then you should be fine. you’ll definately need to get a camber kit and get it alligned or else your tires (the inner wall of them anyway) will be shot in about 3 months, depending on how many miles you drive every day.

hey man thanks for the info you are the only person who has told me about these tranny issues and you back up what you say thanks. Ya I am only planning on lowering it 2 inches and I am going to get a camber kit and get it alligned. I am now debating which kit to get. I dont know if the h&r race is gonna be too low its 2.25 in front and 2 in rear. Would you think this will cause my tranny and or axles any problems?

Clearest pic i have of the drop…H&R race springs with Tokico Blues, Rides great. Also has 205/45/16’s

new bumper…

sorry about the blurr.

On 16’s with 205/45’s and Neuspeed Race (2" all around)

Teg looks good VSR…those TE37’s?

dang thats hot both of them. I like that drop a lot. Either of you guys have transmission problems or axle problems?

I don’t, but i’ve only been lowered for a couple months now. I don’t doubt at some point in time I’ll have to change the axles, but i figure I’ll just get some lifetime warranty ones from autozone or something. We’ll see I guess…

Thanks Tribb, The wheels are Eagle Alloy GT’s. new pics in last post.

As for axles, you should be fine, i’ve been lowered for about 2years/35K miles and i’ve only broken about 3 axles in that time. Mind you i drive very hard around corners. And i have no tranny problems from the drop…just hard shifting :smiley:

When i bought the car both axles were broken so i just bought new ones with a lifetime warranty and i’ve never had to pay for an axle after that.
I’ve also become an expert on replacing axles…lol, i can do one in less than 30minutes now :read:

Just make sure you buy a nice camber kit, you get what you pay for, i learned the hard way. Right now i have a Spicer kit, expencive, but it’s stainless steel :up: .

imcnblu- Thanks for the info. I’d never go past 2" on a daily driven G2. And thats just one more reason. :slight_smile:

teg92db2- I believe the H&R and NS springs are made by the same company. The only difference is the NS sports have a higher spring rate in the rear than the H&R sports. Also the springs are diff colors. :smiley:

H&R/NS Race 2.25/2.0" 500/450lb/in
H&R Sport 1.8/1.8" 340/186lb/in
NS Sport 1.8/1.8" 340/230lb/in

NS sports and 14’s

so would it be better to get sports because they have a higer spring rate and also they are a little less drop? Being that it is a daily driver would I have a lot more problems with the h&r race being like a quarter of an inch lower vs the ns race? Also does anyone have any pics with the tein s techs and what do you guys think about those?

The sports have a lower spring rate than the race, so their not as harsh on the bumps.

Both race springs (H&R and Neuspeed) have the same drop and spring rates.