3" muffler on smaller piping

I need to buy a new muffler and I was going to be getting a Skunk2 cannister. I will be going with boost in the next year hopefully so I wanted to order a 3" muffler. But I dont want 3" piping until I boost since it will hurt my low end so bad. Is it okay to put a 3" inlet muffler on like 2.25"? Will the size difference mess with the exhaust flow at all or should it be okay? I’m thinking it would be okay because its getting bigger but I could also see the change in piping size effecting the exhaust flow somehow. I dont know too much about exhaust so I wanna know if this will be okay to do. I will probably be running 2.25" piping until I boost since my motor is basically stock.

it should be okay but ur going to be stepping up the piping tho… i belive there going to have to jump it up to a 2.5 then to 2.75 so that the 3 inch will go over the 2.75… so it might cost u alittle more for the extra piping. but if thats what u want do it…