3000 RPM Cutoff

OK I did a b16a swap in my car and it wont go past 3000 rpm’s. Everyone I talked to says that they haven’t heard of this happening before. Does anyone here know what could cause this?

What ECU are you running? PW0 or PR3. Mine did this when I had a bad ECU.

PR3, do you think it could be because of a bad o2 sensor?

low revs

hey i had that wit h my b18a and it still does tha …its been likethat for a week or 2 so iam guessing that its the ecu

Are you throwing any check engine lights? Mine wouldn’t rev past 3 grand when I had a bad chip in my ECU. Your ECU is probably fubar. Might want to try another ECU and see if that works.

mine did that one day. (b16a)
it would rev up to 3 then if i tried to go anymore it would backfire.

I tried my friends ecu and it did the same, he has the same motor. I am ordering in a new distributor. I am throwing code 22 which is the crank shaft position snesor.

yea i have the same problem… im a b16a turbo and it wont go past 3 grand and when i would try it would backfire… :mad: it most probably the distributor… i heard b16’s are notorious for the bad distributors… hopefully thats the problem and i’ll be up and running again… :smiley:

The Distributor fixed it!!! :smiley: 8200 redline!!! :stuck_out_tongue: