3gen Integra seats in my 2gen Integra

My poor worn 90 Integra GS 3dr’s Seats have seen better days. I came into some mint 3gen Integra seats, but don’t know how to go about installing them since rails are different and the 3gen seats don’t have the passive seatbelt reel on the side. Has anyone made this modification? I am in the San Diego area, if I someone can help online, that’s a start. I’d love to get the seats out of my living room and into my great 2gen Integra. Still running strong at 255K. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.:cool:

as far as making them fit…they will bolt in with 3 of the 4 bolts fine. We did this to a members car at a Seattle meet. Then he drove a good 1000 miles home lol.

if you want to use the 4th bolt you can make a small add on piece that has a bend in it so that it lines up with both the hole in the seat rail and the hole in the floor of your car.

I have no idea about the passive seat belt part as my car is a Canadian car…I don’t have that on mine.