5-spd conversion

quick Q…
I have a 93 LS and am beginning to shop for parts for a conversion.
lemme know if this is right:
i can mix/match parts from any 92/93 non-gsr model (i.e. 92 halfshafts/shifter and 93 clutch/shift linkage/tranny)
i can also use a 92 or 93 tranny and either a 92 or 93 ecu, right? it is my understanding that 92/93 have the same ecu. i know that 90/91 have differences between the two.
so can i have a 92 tranny and a 93 ecu and vice versa?

just finished reading the LONG thread on the conversion and wanna make sure i got this shit right before i spend money on parts.

im just gonna go to junkyards and ask them for any 92/93 parts and go from there.

yessir… You can actually throw some 90-91 parts in there… just nothing from 94+ since it’s hydro…

I’m going to use some accord parts for my lude… so you might be able to use some stuff from cable-controlled civics that are basically universal parts from honda.

Use a 92-93 ECU, thats obd1. The 90 and 91 have pre OBD.
The rest of the parts can be from any 90-93 non GSR 5 speed. The ecu doesn’t control any part of the transmission.

Be careful when you just throw out a generalization like that.

The 90-91 has smaller splines, so the clutch disk is different. Also the OEM parts stores have different part #s on the L & R drive shafts, so there must be something different, but the half shaft is the same.

:werd: which is why I said some… One needs to check out the parts numbers… acuraautomotiveparts.com may have them, may not.

how about civics…
i know a place with 97 civic and 92 civic parts…
will they work?

EG/H will work… not sure about EK/J

do you know what years?
NO fucking junk yards have any parts for this shit.

eg, eh, ej, ek… are these jdm cars?

i’ve only heard of ex, dx, etc…

He is talking chassis codes. For example our cars are DA and DB, while the 94+ Integras were DC, etc… My wife’s 97’ Civic EX is an EJ.

ok so eg and eh will work.
does honda follow the same chassis code vin number combo?
ex: jh4DA9 = DA9… would a civic have like jh4EG9 or something like that?

does anyone know what years/models have the eg/eh chassis code?


correct specs off honda-tech:

5th Generation (1992-1995)
EG1 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG1 D15B8 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol (8-valve)
EG1 D15B7 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol S (SOHC)
EG1 D15Z1 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol VTEC-E (SOHC)
EG2 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG2 B16A3 USDM 1994-1995 del Sol VTEC (DOHC)
EG3 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG4 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG5 n/a JDM All ? (ZC DOHC)
EG6 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG7 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG8 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG8 D15B7 USDM All 4-door DX/LX
EG9 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/del Sol CR-X
EH1 n/a JDM All 4-door/4WD (ZC DOHC)
EH2 1.5L USDM All 3-door CX/VX/DX
EH3 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 3-door Si
EH6 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol Si (SOHC)
EH9 D16Z6 USDM All 4-door EX
EJ1 D16Z6 USDM All 2-door EX
EJ2 1.5L USDM All 2-door DX

so does that mean i can pick ANY car off of that list and also mix and match parts from any of the cars on that list?
this would make things a lot easier for me.

No. You cant fucking mix and match most of that. IM me or something, I already told you what you can mix. Stick to parts off your model if you can.

woah… :chill: