5th gear for auto?

Umm, sorry if this is wayy stupid and knowing the little that I know about auto trannies this is almost definately impossible, but can I put a 5th gear into it?
=p, I know its easy with manual but I dont think its possible to do with auto. Just looking for confirmation.

You cant put one in, and in manuals we can switch out a gear, not add a gear…

Eh, not true I know theres a guide for camry’s for ADDING another gear by swapping out 4th and adding new 4/5?


Autos use planetary gears; it’s hard for me to believe that anyone can just “swap” out a gearset from an auto to add 2 more ratios. It’s nothing like a manual where a gear is almost wholly independent from the other gears in the transmission. (i.e. swapping out a “LS” 5th gear into a GSR tranny – doable because basic tranny design is same where only the gear ratios differ).

For auto’s (or any other manual tranny), there’s a lot more involved than just swapping out a gearset. Whoever did the work on that tranny you mentioned must have 2 compatible trannies where a 5th gear ratio was already supported on the one with 4 speeds and simply was not put in. :hmm:

Yea, that was hwo it was done, and it was massively complicated and stuff, but I guess I wanted to know if there is a 5 speed auto or another auto option for em on this teg, cuz im getting the tranny built by level10 in a month and wanted to make sure that I give em the one I want for the rest of forever =p.

and you want an auto for the rest of forever?:think:

Mhmm, I got bored of driving manual, I love my autos! I had a manual Jaguar X-Type that the 'rents leased, I bought a manual jeep for 2k that was fun for a while, but now I’m really digging autos…less stuff to do, somewhat less control over the car, but if done right, can be very sexxy. I have a level10 tranny in my Marauder and everytime I floor it from a 30 mph roll I will leave 10 feet of rubber at every upshift :rockon: . I dont know if I could shift that well with manual, nor if there are any that can really with stand that kind of asskicking for long. And for a turbo teg, auto should really be faster then an equivalent stick.