90-91 vs 92-93 head question

I’m building my LS. I can get this 91 LS head for really cheap and its in good shape (mine has a lot of
milleage on it). I’m planning to get 404’s cam with springs and retainers. Since my car is a 92 RS, would
it be better to get a 92-93 head or the 90-91 will do the exact same thing? I just don’t wanna lose power
cause of the head. I’ve heard that 90-91 and 92-3 head are different but never knew what was different
exactly…is this true?


the heads are the same head. The only power difference between the two is in the cams --which you’ll be replacing anyway.

i wouldn’t waste any money buying a newer head. Just replace the valve stem seals when you put in the new valvetrain.

if you want you can get a 94+ head, which is worth about 2hp, because the ports are a little bigger.