91 RS non-vtec into a GSR?

I was wondering can I take my stock 91 RS integra how i could get the pwerofmance of a GSR, could i get some GSR engine parts and swap them in? Or is this not possibl since my engine is the non-vtec engine? Thanks

swap time!

you can just swap in a b17a (92-93 gsr motor) Or you can just swap the b17a head and you’ll have ls/vtec. Just the head would probably be better IMO.

In response to Acurazors post on the swap or ls/vtec swap, DON’T just slap the b17a head onto the b18a (RS) block. If you intend to take the ls/vtec route, you have a lot of reading and researching to do. Instead, just swap the GS-R engine (b17a) into your RS. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

If you just want to keep your stock engine you can make it perform like a GSR. Call up “Crower” and get some better cams, cam gears, and valve train. Then check out “JE” or “Arias” for some higher compression pistons. Plus your basic bolt ons of course. Then search around for a good used “APEXi” SAFC and get it dyno tunned…But with all that money spent you could probly easily do a b17a1 swap and have a better engine…so its all what you want to do.

Stock GSR performance is easily accomplished in an LS without GSR or any brand internal parts. That’s only a 20 hp increase, plus you will have more torque than a GSR. I/H/E and crower 62403s with tuning will have you easily keeping up with and probably beating them. If you really only want to be about as fast a stock GSR don’t bother swapping, you’re wasting your money.

The thing is most people aren’t satisfied with that for very long. Stock GSR quarter mile is about 15.3-15.5, not blazing speed. The main problem with non vtec is the long geared transmission which is not good for performance. So when a GSR slaps on I/H/E he’s going to be into the 14s already, so you’re going to be playing “catch-up” with the VTEC cars.

I guess my point is that if you honestly can say you’ll be satisfied with stock GSR performance then do what I said first. Otherwise decide if you want to stay N/A (you’ll have to research all the VTEC vs. non-VTEC stuff, that’s way too much for this post) or boost it.