92-93 downpipe USDM and JDM the same?

Can i use 91-92 jdm downpipe in my usdm 93 teg, any difference in length? O2 sensor positioning the same?

thanx for response

I tried using my USDM b18 92 downpipe with the JDM b16 92 “top part” (for my b16 swap) and they didn’t line up. The bolt pattern was different. So i had use the complete b18 header and remove the cross member. Now I have the OBX header.

Oh no, i allready bought b16A downpipe, wanted to install it tomorrow. So i guess it will not line up with my stock b18 header…???

By the way i was thinking of buying obx too, will i get any power loss with it( i know those are not that good ) or it actually increases something?