92-93 GSR syncros same as 94+ GSR??

I know we have been over this in the past, but the 95 GSR syncro set is the same as the 93 (GSR)…correct?

I just found a place where i believe syncro sets (whole set) can be had for $108.98

My friends have used transtar Industries in the past for rebuilding L3 transmissions and have been very happy with the quality of their products, but their price on a rebuild kit (with syncros) for the YS1 transmissions are around $450 (includes all bearings and whatnot)

This place I happened upon Drivetrain.com
sells just the syncro sets separately for what appears to be $108.98 but it is listed under 95 Integra GRS…
I’ll have to call and confirm they mean 95 Integra GSR…but damn that is cheap!