92 gsr clutch problems

ok i jus got tha car not to long ago bout 3 weeks. its got 194XXX or so miles and iwas pullin out on tha highway behind my brother and i stomp it in first and grap 2nd and was gonna go to 3rd and had no cluth when i shifted…so we adjusted the culth to see if that would work but it jus feels like its slipin…but if u jus put ur foot on tha pedal it has a bad vibration …does anyone kno wut could this be through out bearing, clutch…oh yea by tha way i walk tha dog on ma bros 1 gen teg in tha process

help??? anyone??? :hmm:

this same thing happened to me and my whole clutch is blown. the funny thing is that i only have 66,XXX miles on my car… i am building up my tranny now for the turbo.

its either that one of your pressure plate springs popped out, or your release spring broke