93 GSR Manual into 92 LS Auto...plz help!

Ok, heres the situation…no title for GSR, dont ask…so pretty much im shit outa luck getting a title so im buying a doner car, i found a 92 LS…they want 500 but im pretty sure i can get it for 300 they are CRACKHEADS lol…now i was wondering if it would be worth it, because the bodys good on this car just rust on where the back bumper where it connects to the car on the corner and on the bottom of the wheel well, i dont know how much that is going to be to fix but ill find out…the thing that i really need to know is how hard is it going to be to switch over from his blown ls motor with an AUTOMATIC tranny to my 93 GSR 1.7 motor and manual tranny…dont i have to run the whole whiring harness and i have NO idea what i need to do for the tranny…thanks for any help you guys can give me.

PS…i searched and didnt find anything…

so basically you want to do a auto to manual swap…well :search: for “auto to manual swap”…there’s a write up on here by shenrie who did a auto to manual swap…i found the link… http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40496&highlight=auto+manual+swap

ok…that answered my question, thank you…now another question since i can see now how complicated a task that is for an idiot like me…i was wondering if anyone has changed their VIN numbers? I pretty sure that it is illegal but im running out of patients and i am thinking about buying this parts car, switching the VIN’s over and report the car as red instead of white to the insurance company…would this be a good idea or no? Thanks alot!

well… no its not a good idea to switch VIN numbers on a car. its EXTREMELY illegal. but go for it if you want.
call the dmv and tell them your situation about the title. you can get titles that are lost and stuff, and there are even ways to register a car that is abandoned if you don’t have the title. get some more info first about registering the gsr, that would be a lot easier than doing an engine/tranny swap.

how illegal is EXTREMELY illegal? lol :think:

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it’s a federal offense.

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heheh nice I put the cd into my cd palyer in 1995 and never took it out hehe

if u switch the vins it wil come up as a ls and u wil have to get it reffed for a gsr swap, but its easier, id do it

telem u blew ur ls motor and had a donor gsr integra and the tags were way out of date on it or somthin