93 Rs Engine Light comes on

I have a 93 rs special edition coupe, past couple days the check engine light would come on intermitently. Im wondering what it could be if anyone has any ideas let me no and ill have a look.

what i have noticed is the Idle has dropped to about 400-500rpm fro like 800. only drops that low once in a while and tach would jump around.

other than that car drives fine.

if the cel is on i would check what code its throwing.

you can do that by connecting a jumper wire to the connector thats under the dash,passenger side. the cel will blink. the light will blink a longer blink to represent the first digit of a two digit number and then will blink short for the second digit.

btw the connector is under the passenger kick panel and the harness is the one with the brown wire on it. you just take a paper clip or a small piece of wire etc and connect the 2 then do what the guy above me said

thanks ill check it out tomorrow didnt get around to doing it today

I know that this is old as hell, but I don’t know if I’m looking at the right connector.

I’m getting a CEL after a distributor install on my 92 RS. I put a paper clip in the hanging connector with a brown wire as stated. Turn the key pos to on, and I get nothing…

When I start the car, the CEL comes on…even with the clip there.

I must be using the wrong connector.

Anyone have a picture of what I should be using?


it should be a brown connector ill have a pic up tonite
forgot to put why i had it on.

for me it was the speedo cable, it got discconected when i pulled out the cluster accidently pulled it to hard and cable snapped so after i fixed it the cel light went away.

Brown connector? Hmm…the 2 that I see are both off white. 1 is a 2 pin and the other is a 3 pin.

Any pics would be great, thanks!


its the 2 pin
by brown i ment the 1 with the brown wire

Then that’s the one I’m using.

I’m getting no codes. How far in should the clip go? About 1/4 to 1/2"?


So bizarre… the car seems to run fine, but I have a solid CEL. I can’t get anything blinking via the jumper (in fact I get nothing at all, no CEL light at all).

I wonder if I pulled on the harness too hard when I plugged in the distributor and now I have a sensor issue…


try resetting the ecu…
leave the battery disconnected for 2-5minutes then plug it back in…

I pulled the ECU fuse and that didn’t work either.


try swapping distributors with someone or even if u have ur old one just to see if the light goes off

Good call, I’ll try that this weekend.


cool post here if it fixes the problem or not

Oh pull the carpet back and look at the ecu, the led will blink at you there. Not the one on the dash. I had the same problem when I bought mine.

for me it was the engine light that blinked 90-91 blinks on the ecu i beelive and 92-93 blinks at the engine light on the dash.

Right, it’s a 92 so the CEL should flash. I’m going to be swapping it out today or tomorrow.