94 and up GSR throttle body fit my LS IM?

i was given a bare 95 GSR throttle… will it fir on my LS intake manifold ? will i have to make and changes etc?..what do i have to do to make it work?

Ummm… extend your map sensor harness to reach all the way to the throttle body. Or rig the throttle body where the map sensor used to be and route a vacuum line there from your map sensor. GSR throttle body is the same I.D. as an LS one is it not?

The GSR is a tad bigger, and it should bolt on. I don’t know about any mods to make it work, though.

it didnt come with the sensor…will my LS TPS sensor work anyhow? and yes i want a larger BORE…more air rite?

Our map sensors are mounted remotely, not on the throttle body like a 94+. You’re going ot have to rig the GSR throttle body to accept a vacuum hose from your factory map sensor.