A/C air conditioning does not work during hot weather. . .

… but works great at night or overcast days. It doesn’t look like anyone else experienced this problem before based on my search, which I find odd.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? I mean it’s downright frigid at night but during the day it doesn’t want to work at all, so I have no idea what the problem could be.

I’ve actually had the problem for a while. Last year or so I just recharged the system and it worked great – the problem went away. But now when I check the system with a guage on the low pressure side (which I think is the bigger of the 2 lines) it says it’s low. But when I add refrigerant, it immediately goes to the danger zone. I’m thinking the gauge may be faulty but I’m not 100% sure.


Did you happen to notice if the compressor cycles fast? I would say from what you described it is low on charge, it is possible that you have a restriction in the system some where or a txv that is clogging up but that’s not very likely. Check the cycle times if they seem faster than normal it is low.

Roger that, I will check and reply. Thanks!

Is your condenser fan running when the a/c is on, Neil? That’s my first thought. The problem you described with the pressure fluctutation makes me think restriction as well, so I agree with redlinemi’s assessment.

However, our compressors are not intended to cycle. They actually have variable displacement so there’s no need for the clutch to engage and disengage as the compressor operates. The clutch is engaged whenever the a/c is on, unless the pressure is too low or too high. So any cycling is abnormal.

i have the same exact problem… works great at night and bad during 105 deg days. Pressure is fine on both sides, both fans work great and come on & off when theyre suppose to, new compressor…expansion valve…reciever/dryer.it only cycles during the night and overcast days but not during peak summer weather. I think it might be my condensor because when i spray it with a water hose during hot days… cabin temp cools down then when the water evaporates from it , the cabin temp rises again. Can the condensor be getting plugged up causing it to only work during nights and mornings? I’ve searched and searched but the only person with the same problem is NFULFX. need feedback. thanks guys

You know that makes a lot of sense man. I never thought about trying that. I’ll mess with the condenser tomorrow and see if the Helm’s manual says anything about it. :cross:

im planning to replace it cause i think thats the most likely reason why it acts that way, but let me know how it turns out for you and what the helms says…thanks:read:

Is there any physical damage to the condenser? Like bent or missing fins? If not, it is possible that the condenser tubes are dirty or restricted and your cooling capacity is reduced as a result. I’d also consider the possibility that there’s air in the system.

Here’s a link that may help:

there are only a little bent fins just on the first few rows because of debris going through the air dam and no physical damage on it. its a pretty old condensor cause its the stock one but hey thanks GoGreen for the info

i have the same problem. right around 105 it doesn’t work well anymore. if i get on the freeway it starts working fine (more airflow through the condenser).

also, something that will cause this problem is too much oil in the ac system. if you refill the system with the cans you buy in the store, most of them have oil in them. which means you may be adding oil when there is already plenty in there. the ac shops often guess at how much oil is needed when refilling a system and they don’t always get it right.

This JUST started happening to me as of yesterday (after the car sat for almost a month without moving).

I’ll be looking at the condenser tomorrow for sure.


Did you ever find out if it was the condenser?


Hey Neil! Im subscribing here since my 96 Accord has the same problem. Let us know what you figured out with the Teg. Like others said, on the highway, it gets nice and cold, but on surface streets in 95 degrees its just ok.

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and looked over what has been said with the a/c. i have a similar problem except that my fan doesn’t seem to turn on. when i’m around 70mph than i can feel air flowing and i kno that the a/c works but it doesn’t kick on until air is going through the vents. does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this because i’m definitely lost.

I am having the same problem. If I get on the highway it seems to get cooler but if the car sits it doesnt blow much cool air. I want to see what you guys come up with because I have no idea.

Use a type of degreaser such as simple green and mix it with water. Spray it on the condenser let it sit for a few and then use a tiny wire to clean between the fins (be careful to not bend the fins) and rinse it off with water. It doe’s not harm to the condenser. I’ve done it plenty of times on my g2 that I don’t drive any more, on my bimmer and on my friends cars. After all that, it’ll be much cooler when the car is just sitting in the parking lot or in traffic.

Well, I went to Autozone and picked up a small can of 134a with no leak seal. Used the gauge from my recharge kit to see that I was out/low on freon and added the entire can. Car blows NICE and cold now.