A/C fan won't come on??

I am referring to the fan right in front of the header. Even with the A/C on and the car warmed up, it won’t come on. Where and what things should I be checking first when troubleshooting this problem? TIA.

Does your temp gauge work fine? Did you check your fuses? Is it possible it was disconected when working on something else? I don’t really know what I’m doing under the hood but these are the things I’d check first.

I just saw your other post on your temp gauge so I guess you already know what’s causing your cooling fan not to work.

Even when the temp gauge pops back up to the normal almost 1/2-way point when I do the “test light” thing on it (look at my “temp gauge/sensor” post), it STILL doesn’t come on. And isn’t the fan directly in front of the header supposed to come on ONLY when the A/C is on? Thanks.

Isn’t it hooked up to the thermostat? When not enough air is going through the radiator to cool the engine the fan turns on and I guess with the AC might cause the fan to turn on but my ACs not working for now so I can’t compare. That’s my thinking. If the temp outside is cooler it would take longer to have the fan kick in. Your other problem is probably related.


ac fan wont come on

check the following
1. blown dash fuse no. 12 or 20.

  1. faulty radiator fan relay.

  2. faulty condenser fan relay.

  3. faulty a/c diode.

  4. faulty ground connection.

Thank you.