A/C Install from scratch questions:

Hey, I am putting AC into my teg that came with no factory air. I have all the parts laying here, and I have a few questions before I begin:

  1. I have new O-rings, do I need to lube them before installing or should I install them dry?
  2. Is a new receiver dryer REALLY necessary? I have a used one that was plugged once it was taken off the last system. Do I really need a $60 new one?
  3. Should I drain and refill the compressor oil before installation, like the Helms says? If I get my system put under a vacuum, won’t it just suck out all the oil anyway?
  4. If I am recharging the system myself with Freeze 12, do I need to put the system under a vacuum first to get rid of moisture?


1: yes lube them up
2: i say yes, it’s cheap insurance against it being bad, then figuring that out after you’ve installed everything
3: yes, drain out the old oil, refill it, then pull the vacume, watch how much oil comes out and then add it back into the system while it’s under vacume
4: YES!! it is VERY important to pull a vacume on the system for atleast 15mins before you recharge the system.

Great, thanks for the info! If I am converting to r134a, will I need a special kind of O-ring set? I have a set from the dealer, but I don’t know if they will work with r134a…? Thanks!

go to an a/c shop to get your conversion fittings. they should give u a bag of either blue or green o rings. those are made for r134 systems.