a/c problem: gauge readings

low side 75lbs, high side 150lbs.

Do I need a compressor?

It runs, but the air is not very cool, sproradic.

yes? no?

sounds like the compressor is bad…i took mine out when i did a motor swap, so i have 1 if you need it 40 shipped

Really? a 1990 integra?

What kind of shape is it? did it have r12 in it?

one other thing it could be is a suction throttling valve (STV)? does it have one of those? or a pilot-operated absolute valve (POA)

I don’t know if acura has those adjustable components in its a/c system or not.

im not sure if they do or not…i do know that it worked great when i took it out and i will check tomorrow it it takes r-12 or r-14…but i dont think it should matter since that is what the compressor takes. so correct me if i am wrong but if you put a r-14 compressor in than thats what it should hold.
if you put r-14 in an r-12 compressor than thats a differnt story.

r143a? ok yes that don’t matter, the oil in the refrigerant is what I’m worried about, but since i’m using envirosafe refrig, its compatible with any type of oil.

So, will the compressor bolt up? clutch included?

here is a picture of it.

gurantee? how long has it been sitting with the lines open like that?

I know a place in town that has it used witha 90 day gurantee. An A/C compressor is such an iffy part to get used anyway. I dunno I haven’t heard from you, but I’ll hold off till tommorrow, theres no way I’m gonna get this done this weekend anyway, ebay has not send me the refrigerant yet, lol.


not sure if its the compressor

when I shut off the engine, are the gauges supposed to go back down?

The low side climbs even higher when the engine is shut off.

The pressures will equalize when the vehicle is off.

gurantee? how long has it been sitting with the lines open like that

maybe a year, why should that matter…its not like i am using it for a ash tray, it stays in a box with another b18 compressor and some other parts. and i dont know why i said 40 dollars i must have been drunk couse i am selling one in another thread for 15+shipping, it shouldnt cost more than 20 dollars for shipping. so i will ship it for 30 dollars as is.

sure sure, u got mail. I’ll get it but maybe I could use a new dryer, got one of those? just kidding, I better geta niew one, dryer that is.

Hey If I send you 25.00 paypal would you please send it?


OK, money sent.

OK got the compressor, this guy is good, will do business again!

thanks, pleasure doing business with you

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if you look at yours i left you some positive feedback.

thanks again