A/C turns off after 4500 rpm?

what would cause my ac to turn off after my car passes 4500 rpm?
i think it is odd, or is it just like that?

u are having an issue. i dont’ remember all the diagnostic symptoms of what can cause it to shut off, but my not so awake mind is telling me that ur high pressure switch is shutting off ur a/c. it could be that ur a/c system is being overloaded at that rpm… which isn’t normal. u might have a restriction somewhere, either way u have to get ur system to a trained professional unless u know how to do it urself.

hook it up to some a/c pressure gauges. take reading of the vehicle on with the a/c on, while letting the a/c cycle n everything. take the readings of when it is cycling and when it isn’t cycling. then also take readings of it when u put load on the motor (rev it to 4500 or 5k rpms). then post up those readings.

if u dont’ have access to all that, then i suggest that u take it to an a/c repair shop.

Only thing that I can think is that the Clutch is worn out and it can’t handle the higher Engine rotating speed.

yup that could be a possibility too. any strange noises coming from the compressor? i’m trying to think of whether the bearing is starting to seize in their or something. but i doubt that is occurring, i know i should’ve payed more attention in class. all i kept doing was retrofits, finding leaks, recovering and recharging my vehicles, and stuff like that.

sorry its taken me a while for me to reply, i havnt had access to my computer, my dad was saying it might be the clutch on the ac pump it self, i do have another one, but i dont want to discharge everything and swap the pump for nothing. i guess wen i have extra cash ill take it to get diagnosed.

yea ok. its just that usually if the clutch was going, u’d have symptoms b4 it fully went out.

thanks for the help guys, ill let you know how it goes once i get started on it

You don’t have to discharge the system to change the a/c clutch.