abs hub on non-abs car

whats up fellas, somewhat simple question, just trying to see if someone else has done it, i have a 91 GS shell that im going to take the spindles off, my car is a 90 LS with no abs,… can this work? -bad wheel bearing-

You have both parts? Tell us how they differ in measurements if at all.

It’ll work fine, the only difference will be provisions for the ABS parts, nothing that will change suspension geometry or fitment of any non-abs related parts.

colin ur dope bro… always factful too., (no homo) but yeah on the spindle, as well as the rear trailing arm assembly-whole- i see the stuff for abs… just remove it? This includes abs line and abs unit on hub… i can get pics btw

Yeah, you can just unbolt all of that stuff, they’re just ABS sensors which detect the speed each wheel is turning.

4 sure, and this time i have the luxury of doing my trailing arm bushing with the trailing arm out, it should b so much easier…

Are you going to youse a floor press? If so what are you going to use on it to press them out a big socket? As i have a press but think of what to use to fit over it to press it out an in

no no im not pressing anything out. All im doing is simply swapping units, i already undid all the ABS nonsense, now all i have to do is bolt up…:werd: