AC compressor always runs

Hey, I figured out that my AC system had a leak when my system discharged all of its freon in 2 days. (I think, I don’t have a gauge)

Before I get an r-12a recharge kit and some proseal and stopleak, I want to check on another issue that I had during the 2 days my ac worked. When I started the car and the AC was working, the compressor was staying on all the time, even when the AC was turned off. I never noticed it being turned off, until my freon went away. What could cause this?

I could be wrong on this, but I want to see if there is a problem that could cause this that I need to look into before I drop 60 bucks on stuff to recharge my system.


What do you mean it worked for 2 days? Did you just have the system serviced? If so, take it back and say WTF. If you just serviced it 2 days ago, what makes you think doing it again will stop it from leaking. I would at least have a shop look at it to pressure test it, (shouldn’t cost too much) then you will know where it is leaking from and replace parts as needed. Only holding a charge for 2 days is pretty short so if it were me, I wouln’t bother wasting my time with stop leak. Not too sure about the compressor, I know they won’t kick on if the system is too low. Maybe your pressure loss is messing with the compressor’s operation.

Nah I didn’t service it, I replaced a blown fuse and got it working meself. I don’t know what kind of charge was in the system in the first place. I guess I’ll look into the pressure test.

Patrick I sent you prints on how it works if you need them again I will glad to resend them. To answer this question

“When I started the car and the AC was working, the compressor was staying on all the time, even when the AC was turned off. I never noticed it being turned off, until my Freon went away. What could cause this?”

The Compressor clutch is turned on by the compressor clutch relay (it is in left front of the car by the head light) In order for it to be energized four things must happen (1) you need 28psi at the A/c pressure switch (2) A/C thermo switch has to close (car in side temp over 35*F) (3) the A/C switch has to be on (4) the fan switch must the on in the car. If the compressor is on all the time my guess would be that compressor clutch relay is bad or some one jump. You need to check this out.

I would also use R134 it is cheaper than R12.

A friend of mine who works on AC stuff is gonna help me find the leak tomorrow. I will also adress the relay issue before I put more money into refrigerant. I’m going to use R-12a which is much much cheaper than R-12, and I don’t have to do any conversion garbage.

thanks guys

OK, after a long day of picking up parts and looking, I’ve learned several things:

My system has already been converted to 134a.

My leak had to do with a cheap low-side valve.

After replacing said valve, my whole system is leak-free, and now has a good charge of refrigerant. (5$ from a friend!)

My compressor is not getting power.

I guess now I have to go through all the wiring to figure out what’s broke. When 12v is jumped to the compressor, it runs and the AC works. The fuse that I originally replaced has not blown, so I guess I’m going to find that relay rx3 mentioned. Sucks that the PO thought a wire tuck was cool and I can’t figure out where he stuck anything…

Wish me luck!

I guess thats one reason to not tuck your wires… next owner anger, or next owner revenge. :gunleft:

Whats the harm in running a fused hot wire from the batt to a switch to the compressor? The one in these cars does not cycle so i think the only danger would be when freon level is low?


Any thoughts? I’m going to do this today as i cannot forsee any issues.


the ac system in every car cuts on and off to regulate the amount of pressure that the system runs at. running a constant hot wire will bypass all of this. you should check the conection and relay that is on the drivers side of the radiator. this is a common problem point on the da. mine actually came unpugged like 4 times on my first g2. get your self a digital multimeter and start testing. you can figure it out.