acceleration rattle

so I have a 93 integra ls. I just got a brand new magnaflow catback exhaust and it still does it… I suspect it is the transmission…the word around the campfire from other g2 ppl I know around my parts say that they have that problem also that when you start to accelerate ( 5 speed ) it has this rattle from the front engine bay of the car. at certain times I don’t super notice it but when im getting on it it just is loud like it is like a screw isn’t in all the way and it is creating like a clash between pieces or something… sorry im new to the car scene I don’t know alot about teggys but I fuckin love the g2’s they are the best cars ever… this is just annoying!

Also when I start the car and its just in idle… it sits there like half of 1 rpm…like it feels like the car is barely holding on but it stays on is there any way to make the idle stay at around 1 or maybe just a tad less
hah. help anyone?

So when you start to accelerate, you hear a rattle? But not when its on idle right? That sounds like your performance muffler. If thats the cause, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Does the rattle go away when your just cruising on the highway? The rattle comes when your accelerating at high rpms. My car does the same thing. I have a universal performance muffler too.

The rattle can be many things. Here are a few ideas:

1)If you are still using the stock exhaust manifold, the A-pipe can separate internally and cause a rattle. The A-pipe, which is the piping just before the cat, is a pipe-in-pipe design that can cause this noise.

2)The heat sheilds over the cat can rattle and often does.

3)The stock cat itself has a sheild that can rattle, and if the internal brick dislodges, it can rattle as well.

4)Don’t know, just wanted to end on an even number!

You can take it to a shop with a lift, and as you rev the engine, the tech can try to isolate the cause of the noise.

I’d also say a-pipe rattle if it is definitely coming from the front of the car.

this has happened since I bought it. its not the muffler or anything cause i’ve had it replaced with the catback magnaflow I just have no idea


Thanks for all the pointers about this, everyone. I think that I, too, may have this problem.

I’ve been thinking about getting a better exhaust installed in my system (without going too loud…ick), and after hearing this annoying, crazy rattling at higher RPMs is really annoying. It is definitely coming from up front.

Another indicator that it is probably the exhaust is that it has a strange RPM swell at about 3300 to 3400…and then goes away again after. Like the car is playing an instrument for only a second, the sound is hitting a hole in the pipe or something. God I need to start taking better care of this thing. hahaha

You guys are awesome! :clap:


My problem ended up being the heat shield. Thanks again.

Still Rattling…?

Yes, I’m resurrecting this old thread. Please don’t get angry.

Just as an FYI, my problem wasn’t fixed at all. I thought it was, but the rattle came back. This is very embarrassing in public, as it sounds like a screw is rattling around in the engine or something to people around my car.

Now I think it’s the A-pipe, because every stupid heat-shield and manifold piece on my car has been completely removed now, from what I understand. There’s nothing else it could even be, as far as I know. The mechanics here in Duluth, however, don’t believe me that it could be a rusted A-pipe. Then again, they make fun of me and call me names for driving “such an old pile of Japanese scrap”. I’m thinking I’ll just try to bring it to a mechanic when I move to Portland, OR in two weeks or so.

Ideas, thoughts?

i have the same rattle. and there are no heat shields, no catalytic converter, just a straight pipe with a resonator that ends with a cherry bomb muffler.

i think the rattle comes from the exhaust pipe vibrating against the base of the shifter.

i also get that rattle but only when i try to accelerate in low gear. sounds like a freaking spray can. it drives me nuts! it is definitely not the engine!!!

Ive got one too! its sooo frustrating… ive actually been meaning to make a vid of it going on. I took my intake off one day and it got MUCH louder…

It happens as the gas peddle hits a certain spot as im slowly pushing it down. If i push it fast the noise speeds up and is harder to hear

im really gonna try to make a video today

guys come on… its your fart cans. Down where I live its known to be the Ricer exhaust rattle.

I’m 99.9% sure.

lol i’ve never had a “fart can” running a sebring right now. used to have a fugitsubo (which i am selling). far from a fart can.

Sebring? Awww thats the daddys of all fart cans. I used to have one. Rattles really bad.

no no no and no. that rattle we’re trying to pinpoint doesn’t come from a fart can. at least in my case, since i don’t have one. it a piece of metal making contact some part under the car.

in my case, it’s either the exhaust rattling against the base of the shifter, or the protective shield of the rack and pinion (where the power steering hose connects to the r&p).

it sounds like something is loose and its rattling against some metal piece.

it coukd be a myriad stuff, like the resonator rattling against the underside of the car.

are you shitting me? just don’t talk at all. you are looking really stupid right now. and no, my rattle is not from the cat back. it is coming from the engine bay.

Whos the stupid one? Wow your very contradicting… “it is definitely not the engine!!!”

And then your last post says it is the engine. And thats why I stated that its 99.9% sure that it can be your exhaust tip. I wasn’t pinpointing you. Its for most of the people up in here.

lol, i was accurate with my description of the “stupid one”. the noise is coming from the ENGINE BAY but it is not the ENGINE… read both posts again. enough said.

Hey idiot. I didn’t say YOUR sebring rattles. Your jumping to conclusions. Go fix your “engine bay” problems and go away.

remember this? it backfired on you, didn’t it? not only are you failing at reading but you are also failing at logic and grammar. you should be the one shutting up and going away.

i should have also quoted the part where you said that the sebring was the “daddys of all fart cans” but i think you’ve done enough to make yourself look stupid.

All nosy retards with unproductive things to say aside, i think it may be my stock exhaust a-pipe or ??? i have no idea. i can’t remove my a-pipe yet since i need to bar with it on. :frowning: