after market front shock forks...

does anybody know where/if i can buy new mounting forks for the front shocks? i have drop-zone coilovers and shocks but the shocks are for a 94 and up integra, and as most of u know, they have a larger diameter… i have tried getting some forks for a 94+ integra and it works on one side, but not on the other because the fork would hit the axle, i dont remember which side it did work… so i welded the old fork onto the shock which was a stupid ass idea and i want to get it all sorted out and fixed.
thanx in advance…

The only ones I have ever seen were made by ST called the ProFork or something like that. They were discontinued a LONG time ago due the weak design + cast aluminum.

94+ forks should work just fine, there shouldn’t be any clearance issues with the axles. There are a handfull of people on this forum who are running eg/dc front forks in order to run different suspension.

are you sure you had the correct forks?

Are your bushings worn out? That could cause the fork to be misaligned and rub.

well i dont know what was causing that fork to rub on my axle, but i dont think i have it anymore… and it could very well be my bushings. thanx guys