air fuel air/fuel gauge install(searched)

i’ve just received my air/fuel gauge and it has 5 wires !!

i know there are 1 power wire, ground and one o2 sensor wire. but what the hell with the 2 others !? they are red and black but smaller diameter than power wires. thx


it lits up when i plug the ground and power wires.

still no clue of what these 2 extra wires are ?

brand/model? some have a few options depending on what O2 system your car runs, as well as some (autotechnics) have 2 wires to go to their converter to send A/C power up for the face to light up… let us know and we’ll try to figure it out

that was pretty easy guys…
gauge is OBX
2 power backlight
2 power led
1 o2 sensor

i got these gauge for cheap un ebay, but they are real nice !

now installed and working but…

at start AF reads good.
as soon as i push the gas pedal it seems to bouces (normal) but dies (no led or extra lean)

while i drive, led sometimes come and go… as if my o2 sensor was weirdo OR maybe a bad ground system cause sensor only sends 0-1 volts, easy to loose the signal i imagine…

ohhh fixed the probleme

i had code 43 and 1. I just replaced the o2 sensor and the a/f gauge works just fine (with an exessive bouncing btween rich/lean !!) now no more check engine, and hope ill be in the 500km/tank club again…

how much did u pay? and how does it look?
i just bought a sunpro AF gauge for a whole 5.00 shipped