Air intake

I have a 4door 92 what I think is a GS and I’m looking to do some easy things to improve performance. What would you guys suggest as far as a air intake or anything else that I would be able to do by myself. Funds are somewhat limited as well.

if you take some time, read around the boards, you’ll find this commonly asked question answered time and time again…

read through the “TegTips” up at the top of this page, that will give you PLENTY to work on with your car :slight_smile:

just go on ebay and get yourself a short ram or cold air intake, i suggest a short ram since i believe it rains alot up there…no? next grab yourself an Ebay header, not sure which ‘brands’ are good, but alot of people seem to like Megan headers because of price and quality. then grab yourself an exhaust, but thats going to cost you alot…so what i suggest is find a good muffler and have them weld on to your stock piping, or tell them to bend you the axle back portion of the piping and weld the muffler onto that, so that way if you want, you can put your stock one back on. now that takes care of the basic bolt-ons, and should give you a noticeable increase in horsepower.

If funds are limited, save. do it cheap or do it right. drive your car from point a to point b until you have some money saved up to do some modifications without having to sweat it. Check ebay regularly for reputable parts from reputable sellers, and watch the for sale threads carefully. I would also suggest you plan out ahead of time what you want to do with the car and what your performance goals are. for example, If you want to throw on a turbo down the road, don’t spend the money on an intake, header and exhaust because those wouldn’t be beneficial towards your goal. If you think you would like to swap a B18c or B16a into the car in the future, do’nt spend money on cams and head work for your LS. Take your time and think about what you would like to do with the car, make a plan, and make it happen.