Aircaring my 92 4dr wich has a b20 in it.

Been registered on this site for a little while now but always just browsed and searched but couldnt find what i was wanting to find out this time. So my question is I bought a 92 4dr wich has a b20b4 in it with automatic trans the aircare just expired. Im wondering am I going to have any problems example like do they check to see if it has a b18 in it or do they not look at stuff like that? Thanks


dude you should just go get a manual trans more fun and you can sell for more money becuz of stupid kids who want it and it allready has the b20 so it would be like a modified integra get the b16 trans with the ls 5th gear to give you better milage one the highway too

whats air care?

Yeah, was thinking of the same thing too. Maybe it’s a BC provincial smog control thing.

It is, Air Care in BC, Drive Clean in Ontario. Emissions 4 gas testing at idle and 40km/h partial load. (at least for ontario)

You shouldn’t have any problems … all they do from my experience is check for a catalytic converter and test your gas cap before emissions testing.

I would think as long as it had a stock ecu in it. it should pass if they actually hook it up to a smog analizer(sp).
I bombed my emisions by 3 times the legal limit. running a chiped civic sohc ecu for my ls vtec. but i swaped in pr4 ls ecu and passed with flying colors.

MY $.02

probably the only thing i love about quebec is no emissions. we can run whatever you freaking want and can think of. only thing is the cops are dicks against guys with moded cars.

you’ll be fine.

Is your db1 white by chance?

I just read recently that Quebec just adapted CARB regulations. Enjoy while you can.

yeah but thats only for new cars.