alternator? 17.5v at idle

charge light went on today. checked voltage at battery posts with off-12.5v. OK. ran car at idle-17.5v. this will be the third pepboys crap reman in 1 year since the oem blew after 12 years. i am guessing its the alternator (voltage regulator) unless anyone has any other thoughts before i rip it up?? i’ve seen low voltage issues, but not high.
reman is warranted for life, but they sure don’t pay to rip out the axles, etc

When mine died I bought a Autozone one, and took it to a mechanic to install since I didn’t have tools or facilities to replace it at school. He said he has had problems with the ones from these chains, but I’m not sure where else you could get one. I doubt Honda still stocks them, at least for a price you would be willing to pay.

Find a local Alternator rebuilder and get it rebuilt.

the dealers do sell Honda reman ones :wink:

If I remember right Honda alternators have an internal voltage regulator, so yeah… it sounds like it’s shot.

I’d have to agree with what everyone else is saying - either get that one rebuilt or spring for a reman one from the dealer. Or, grab a junkyard alternator and try your luck with that.

Just don’t drive the car like this - you’ll fry the battery REALLY quick, not to mention the possibility of frying the ECU and your stereo (and it’s also a fire hazard)

17.5V definitely sounds like a voltage regulator problem

Installed a bosch alternator w/ a 5 year warranty in October, has been flawless so far.