amp hookup? HELP!

ok i got a pioneer 600watt 2 channal amp and everything is hooked up fine except the subs. there are two sets of four places where i can hook up stuff. one says input and one says output. it kinda looks like this:

[H H H H] [H H H H]

where each “H” resembles a hookup point. The left four has “input” written above them so i figured that wasnt where i wanted to hook it up. The right one says “output” and thast where i began. in the right one, the two left hookup points are “R-,R+” i hooked those up and those worked fine. But i tried to do the same for the next two, “L-,L+” and it didnt work at all. Basically what i am asking is, what am i supposed to do here? I tried hooking up the one that didnt work to the one that did work, and it worked fine, and then i hooked both up to “R-,R+” and it worked but it must see a higher load. PS, i am trying to hook up TWO subs here. Thanks.

Try this:


  •      -

Hook both subs in parallel.

so you mean put two positive wires into R+ and two negative wires into L-? how many watts for each sub will it give? and wont that produce a higher load or something? sorry i’m a newbie…

What subs are you using?

i’m using sony x-plod 12", yea i know not the greatest, but they were cheap cheap cheap at the time.

wont the amp see an 8ohm load or something? the amp is a 4ohm amp. can you explain this to me or show me somewhere where i can read on it? thanks

What are the subs rated?
My aim is SMAXNZ if you have aim. I will be on around 12 am central time.

sorry i dont got AIM. the subs are rated 900peak but that is grossly overrated. it is supposed to be 300RMS and that is mroe beleiveable. they are both 4 ohm speakers.

if the amp is not new, there might be a possiblity that the left channel might have burned out.

first check your RCA’s jacks. since you said the right channel works, try unplugging both RCA’s and then take turn plugging one RCA at a time into the right channel RCA input jack to see if both channels on the RCA jack works. if they both work, mostly likely it’s something with the amp. you should now take a look at the various settings on the amp. some amps have a sliding switch to select what type of input you want like - Left ch. only; right ch. only or both. the gain shouldnt be the problem since turning its sensitivity all the way down will still produce a small amount of sound. some amps have built in crossovers too but that shouldnt matter as well. that’s all i can think of right now. oh and try checking the right and left balance on your head unit too.