An interesting oil filter problem

I bought a DA a few months back that has a B18C1 in it. I have changed the oil a coupple of times now but havent been able to change the filter because every time I try to thread it on it wants to cross thread. The filter I have on now is fine and the part number crosses over to other brands like Fram or other filters. But other filters wont thread on. The thread on the block loos o.k. but I am wondering if this may be a JDM engine or something. I still might try a actuall Honda filter since the filter I have on now has a Honda filter number on it. Very strange though. Anyone else had this problem? Or have any advice? Thanks.

whether it is a JDM motor or not the B-series filters are all the same. Hopefully the guy that owned it before you didnt mess up the threads!! Stick with OEM filters.

Yeah I figured it shouldnt be different. I think I am going to try a OEM filter though. The threads dont looked messed up so maybee I am just having bad luck with cheap filters. Thanks.

I have always used fram and had no problems. I would try OEM and see if that’s better.

oem is basically the same thing… made through honeywell = fram

or filtech. a US division of toyo roki

a good filter i would suggest a purolator pure one.

I bought a Wix oil filter from Carquest once. Got real po’ed when I spent 15 minutes trying to get it on the stem. After getting irritated to the max, I slide out and discover that no threads were cut into the mounting hole. the Carquest dude couldn’t believe it. He had to keep it to show the sales rep. Otherwise I’d have that bastard mounted in the man-cave right now.:sick: