Anybody have pacesetter exhaust?( Don't laugh, explanation inside)

I wanna get a custom exhaust built, but it’s really exhaust expensive to do manderal bent piping around my area. The cheapest i found was $350 with a magnaflow muffler and resonator with cheap aluminum piping. So i was thinking i could buy a cheap pacesetter system, cut the ugly tip off, and run that until i can afford to get a better muffler welded in. That way i would have manderal bent piping and would have something at least better than stock piping. Does anybody know if that tip on pacesetter exhaust makes it sound different? What would it sound like with the cutoff tip? Please help…

hey dude !!! ebay is your friend for cheap exhuast systems, atleast better then pacesetter,

I met a guy with a pacesetter. It was very quiet…mostly due to the chambered muffler. He cut the tip off and had smaller dual tips put on.

its looks fantastic…but the quatlity has me worried…its only a matter of time before it rusts, so coat the piping if you do buy it.

…or just save your money for something later.

If you’re driving it in the winter at all, don’t bother. I’ve heard pacesetters rust FAST.

As long as your stock exhaust isn’t rusting off, keep it on and save money. The stock one isn’t that bad anyway.

i have one… i needed an exhuast and at the time the acura one was going for almost $400 something … the napa knock off was going for $200 something and the pacesetter 2.5" exhuast was going for $200 something shipped… it worked great (key word worked) but i had to cut about 2" off of the pipe comming off the cat (summit said it would fit a 1990 GS auto with no mods pacesetter said it would fit a 92-93 manual coupe I had to cut it to fit my 1990 auto gs coupe)… after that i fired it up and most of the black paint burned off and stunk for weeks… the 2.5" pipe (the last section that bends 90 or so degrees before the muffler )also would bang on a rear passenger side suspension bolt when i’d be sitting at a light … so i used some wire and “adjusted” the hangers… now the exhaust settles under the car and when i get out of the car is makes a groaning noise like the t-rex from jurassic park … finally one of the baffles broke inside the muffler and it vibrates and is very annoying… my car is on its last legs so i really dont care too much

those are the cons now for the pros…

its not very loud

yeah, i’m in the same boat, i needed an exhaust bad and i was strapped for cash, so i got the pacesetter to hold me over. it is very quiet, mine hasn’t rusted(just a little where i’ve bottomed out and scraped it up) it has been going strong for about a yr. i bought it just to hold me over and i haven’t had a desire to get anything else, it does creek and pop(when it’s new and you turn your car off) my opinion, it’s worth 180 bucks.

hey tim, where is this place that sells the 350 exhaust? is it in minnesota?

yea it’s in Elk River, they actually do manderal bent piping which most shops in minnesota won’t do. It’s called Elk River Muffler & Brake. A member from highly recommends them to do exhaust work, i might go with them.

This might be a little late, but they do really good work up there. My dad is good friends with the guys that owns the place, then have done exhaust work for me before and a lot of other cars that I have seen, really good work for the money.