anyone have problems installing skunk2 shocks?

I was just curious to know if anyone (other than me) has had any problems installing skunk2 shocks. I just got mine in today and they have been nothing but a pain in the ass for me. I started (and stopped) with the front. The supplied bump stops are to big for the factory dust cover to fit over, so i had to trim the bumpstop for it to fit, did that and then realized that the bottom of the shock is too big to fit inside the damper fork.Too big by a significant amount.Im probably going to have to have my forks machined so the shocks will fit them.I realize that you run in to this sort of thing with aftermarket parts, but I just expected more from skunk2. Im wishing I had went with koni shocks instead, Ive only heard good things about them.But the skunk2’s were about half the price.I guess you get what you pay for.

i got them also. i put on the rears and ran into the same problem u did with the fronts. u need to get EG or DC front forks and ull be good. i got DC fronts forks and soon will install the front struts :rockon:

well at least im not alone. thanks for the reply. i guess ill get a set of dc forks. i read also that some people use the ek forks. anyone know for sure if they also have a larger diameter than the da forks? also, anyone have any comments on the performance of the skunk2 shocks?

Aww damn, u guys are scaring me, i ordered Skunk2 Sport Shocks but theyre not here yet, i guess im gonna run into the same problems?

Yeah, same here. Mine should get here tomorrow, and I was planning to install them on Saturday. Anyone else want to chime in with their experiences with these shocks?

ive got the pro s coilovers and had no problems installing them. the ride of them is a little bumpy but what aftermarket setup isnt. ive had them for about lil over a year now and they seem fine still to me. i also used the stock forks on my da

I ordered the sport shock/ spring combo from I wonder if the coilovers would be completely different as far as the actual body of the shock itself. Let’s hope not. I really don’t want to have to worry about getting the forks after tearing into the suspension. On a side note, they were supposed to get here today, but didn’t. WTF??

Anyone else? I am installing mine today, and would really like to know if I need to start trying to find some dampener forks.

I just went to directly. I performed a search.

I found that they don’t even offer the “SPORT SHOCKS” for the DA.
I then changed the search criteria to a 1995 Honda Civic (EG) and there they were.
Although, they do make them for the Civic (EF) models. Because you all know that the EF suspension will match right up with the DA.

So if your not careful in ordering your going to receive the 94+ Integra and those pretty much work for the EG’s and most likely the EK.
For those of you who have the bigger diameter struts, you will 100% have to buy a set of EG forks. Keep in mind that the strut piston is tremendously shorter so your gonna have to work at lifting the hub assembly back into place so that the top hat and strut tiip will go back up to the tower.
So, its Buyer beware…

I called Skunk2 today to ask about something else, but also decided to ask about the dampener fork situation. The guy I talked to (Brian) said a while back, some struts were labeled wrong. 94 and up Integra were labeled as 93 down, and vice versa. He told me that if you look at the new strut, from the bottom up (Where you would attach the fork) it should be the same width all of the way up. If it was for a DC, EG, etc. it would flare out some where the fork attaches. I hope this helps. Also, just an FYI. If you order Skunk2 lowering springs, and whoever you order them from, happens to send you springs for an EF. They are identical. I figured they would be made the same, but I thought the spring rates were different. He said they manufacture the same spring, but market it with two different part numbers to prevent an confusion. The same confusion I had since I had no idea. Just some extra info for you all. Hope this helps someone.


Sorry for bumping an old thread but… would I have the same problem with:

On my 92 teg?

I have 2 sets of DC/EG forks if anyone needs some.

Skunk2 sport shocks

I actually was able to do mine but did have the same problem with the front left strut. It does appear to be bigger where it goes into the fork, but in actuallity it’s only the painting or the powder coating was caked on a bit too much. So I sanded it down as much as possible. After sanding there was still a slight fitment issue but all I did was place everything into position put the wheel back on and slowly lowered my jack till the strut was sitting propperly. All the other struts were fine including the rf strut. I love the ride, I almost forgot how it felt to drive with working struts. I only paid $250, which is only $70 more than the kyb gr2 set on ebay.

Oh yeah, they do make this kit for our cars skunk2 part #541-05-1000.

Bump 2 year old thread. Any reviews on these?