Are Aftr.markt crank pulleys bad because..

i got a b20 block, its crank pulley is dfferent then my teg, but if i placed an OBX or Unorthodox crank pulley on it would it harm the bottomed, i hear they do ad dont, Opinions please, any integra crank pullys for sale tel me

There are a few reasons people don’t put aftermarket crank pully’s on. Its harder to put on (though you B20 will be out of the car so no prob there). I believe our cars have a harmonic balancer, and if your crank pully is not on totally straight, you could get some kinda vibration there that would kill your Oil Pump.

Someone can exlpain it better, but thats usually why people don’t want to touch the crank pully. Not to mention the added belt speed will put more wear on your accessories such as AC, PS and alternator.


Hondas engines are externally balanced. This is done with the stock crank pulley. Aftermarket pulleys are not balanced. Some people have had good luck and some have not. My friend that races a Civic with a turbo H22A tore the hell out of 3 oil pumps with an aftermarket pulley on. He put the stock one back after cutting off the unused ribs and hasn’t had a problem yet.

thanks u guys, um can i take the crank pulley off my teg and place on the b20with ZERO probs? thank…wade