At what point did you know you would own a DA's/DB's?

That DA thread got me thinking about how we all came to love Integras so I thought you guys might wanna share the stories of how. People touched on a few of them in that thread so i figured I start an official one.

When I was about 15 (This was a long time ago :p) A girl gave me a ride in her then brand new 1993 Integra. I still remember it distinctly and I knew at that moment I would own one someday.

I dunno, there was just something about that car…

I think the yellow gsr on the cover of the first issue of Superstreet and a project car that Turbo magazine was working on made me fall in love with the DA. I think those were when I was around 13 or 14. Knew this would be my first car, I’ve had mine for 5 years and still the only car I’ve owned. I’ve driven others cars but nothing compares to the feeling and the love I have for the g2, everything is perfect about these cars!

It took me a good 8 months to find my car, I only wanted a g2, nothing else and It was really hard to find one with a manual transmission. I drove a good two hours to pick mine up from an old lady, and another two back haha. The ad for the car had no pictures and only a sentence describing it, so it was quite a gamble. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I pulled into that neighborhood and saw the stock Captiva Blue with no rust in the north east…aahhh, I love reliving this. At this time actually I didn’t even know the g2 had this color, and man did I fall in love with it.

When I was 16 my friend Thomas bought his first Integra. It was a blue 1991 Integra LS. I loved that car and he sold it before I had enough money to buy it from him.
I spent the next year looking for a 92-93 Integra GS-R. I finally found one last May and fell in love. I’ve had other cars since then but I’ll never sell my DB2. :slight_smile:

when my buddy had a 93 black DA with a stage 3 clutch.
he had warranty for every part, SoO i figure i can use his warranty for my car parts lol

I had a good friend of mine that had a black "93 GS-R back in '95 or '96.

the dudes at my school had a little club of integras and i got hooked on the gen 2s back in 03’

I knew when I found the CL ad for some guy wanting to trade his for something a little more luxury, then was willing to do a straight across trade for my 99 Grand Am lol

i was never really interested in integras, back in '03 i drove my civic('89 Si hatch). so i didnt care about any other cars but mine. i had a friend that i met around '05, his girlfriend drove a 1992 all white integra DA9(the one i own now).

I wrecked my civic in may '06, and my friend was selling the integra at that time. So i bought it from him for $2500. To be honest i didnt really like the car, i was just happy i was back in another acura/honda.
But the car grew on me, now i love it to death. Wouldnt trade it for the world, been through so much with it…


…then was willing to do a straight across trade for my 99 Grand Am…

Damn did you ever dodge a bullet there. lol nice one. Id take my chances with a 20 year old teg over a 10 year old Grand Am ANY DAY. They only ever made the Grand Am one trim level…Lemon. :wink:

pretty much lol. Two weeks after we made the trade the Grand Am stopped running. I even offered to help him fix it and the dude was a total ass about it. Oh well. He agreed to the trade so nothing else I could do.

I picked up a magazine we have over here called Banzai, They featured a crazy spec’ed and really clean Da6 and i really liked it but id never seen one before and knew nothing about them so i looked into it a bit and found one for sale!

I traded my Ek civic for it and havent looked back. Its now mine and im never selling it :slight_smile:

I’am 19 now and about 6-7 years ago my cousin owned a 94 gsr and his buddy owned a fully built 92 gsr. I remember the day I rode in the fully built 92 I said to myself I’am going to have one of these cars one day. Now I own a 92 ls but with a gsr swap coming my dream came true.

when i was in the 4th grade…because that was the only car i could draw!!! HONESTLY

…was it the GIRL?

When I was starting to recognize cars (7-9ish?) I really liked my dad’s car (you guys can probably guess what that is) and I said to myself that my first car is going to be a teg and bam, I’m driving one.

…was it the GIRL?

hehe yeah she was kinda hot actually…spoiled little rich girl and her daddy just bought her a brand new teg. I seem to remember the interior at night though…So many pretty lights :stuck_out_tongue: I think thats what got me.

Then when i went to look at my first teg. I had just sold my 86 honda accord and when I took the teg for a test drive I put it in gear, felt the torque and told him I would take it. lol