Auto trans not downshifting to 1st

When I come to a complete stop my transmission stays in 2nd and doesnt go down to 1st. Anyone know how to fix this?

First of all, ARE YOU SURE?
Secondly you dont need it in first at that point, if you do, put it in S3 and it should go into first.

Yes i’m sure, haha. Well, If I have it in s3 then shift to 2nd really quick, it will kick into 1st for about 2 seconds then go back to 2nd. If I have it in s3 it just stays in 2nd.

Only two things I can think of is the gear sensor which should only be an issue if its very cold, or forgets second thing.

I dont think its the gear sensor, isnt the sensor hooked up to the tach? I think it might be a solenoid that needs to be replaced or adjusted.

I had a similar problem where the car would redline in 3rd before shifting to fourth, and my mech told me it was solenoid but it turned out to (apparently, I replaced whole tranny :mad: ) be the gs.

you can’t adjust the solenoids… and are you SURE its not in first? when was the last time you had a trans flush?whats the fluid level and condition like? are you throwing a check engine light? is it really slugging off the line?

LOL I know im not in first…for the second time rofl. Checked the fluid and its perfect…No check engine light and of course its sluggish off the line…cuz its in 2ND!

You did check the fluid level with the engine running, rite?..

I have a book for the integra. The book said check fluid while the engine was off and hot. So I did that and it was fine. I also checked it while the engine was on and in drive and it was fine.

Hmm…I agree that the book says that, as I just looked. Can’t find my Haynes manual, think my bro took it. Anyway in school we were taught to check the auto tranny fluid levels with the engine running, and that’s what we do at work too. Dun know though. But you already checked it with the engine running so.

Yea, now my biggest fear is going to come true and I’m going to have to take my car to a transmission shop.

hondas and saturns are built differently where you have to check it at operating temp with the car off… if you ever take apart a regular style auto trans compared to a honda auto trans youd see a huge difference… the auto trans for hondas is basically the same as the manual trans

So I took my car to the transmission shop and it actually doesnt start out in 2nd gear, it starts off in 3RD! Imagine how slow my car is =[. Well they said it was probably something electrical and hopefully ill get it back tomorrow.

OK, so the first and second solenoid’s were both bad. Paid $150 each solenoid plus labor and whatnot, total was $500. :argh:

heh. i woulda sold you my JDM B16 auto trans with aprox 31k on it for a LOT cheeper than that…ehh maby next time…