Autometer Gauge pod ?

I did a search and couldnt find anything out. Does anyone else have a leak from their gauge pod? I put a duel one in my car and everyonce in awhile from a heavy rain I can see lil bit of water from the leftside of the gauge. I checked the seal and I didn’t puncture it. I didn’t even do teh whole that deep. Was just wondering If anybody else has had this problem.

you mean a pod on the a-pillar? I’m not sure how you could srping a leak there but if that’s where you’re talking about, you did pull off the plasitc before drilling right?
Not sure about this but is the tube for washer fluid running behind there?(for rear)

it looks like you have a leak from your windshield the caulking around it must have been installed wrong

Ya its the one on the a piller. A friend drilled it but he didn’t pull it off. The windshield if fine it is still the original one and I haven’t touched it at all. There were no prior leak till the stupid pod. Another thing that is kind of weird is that it doesnt happen all the time when it rains.

It is prolly the windshield seal, I have the same problem, only a lot worse. I pulled my headliner back today in the rain to see where it was leakin from, from the middle of the windshield to the drivers side a pillar was leaking. The reason it doesnt leak all the time is prolly that the water stays inside the a pillar or behind the plastic covering it.