Autopower Roll Bar

HPDE - Solo II not required!

just found that out after a phone call to a autopower distributor, looks like I wont be getting the roll bar and considering some other important issues for the car.

As a added benefit over the safety, does a roll bar increase rigidity? Or would the cage be the one that increases body rigidity?

The guy I was talking to over the phone made the Street/Sport Roll bar sound useless, also made me feel stupid for thinking I needed one for the kinds of racing I wanted to do. I also just wanted the harness bar for my racing seats! damn you IOPORT RACING!

I’m not fond of the Autupower rollbar. One big reason is the rear mounts. It mounts to the shock towers and if you notice will tend to bend the metal when tightening down. I didn’t like it when we were putting one in a friend’s ITR.

I have an Autopower roll bar in my '93 prelude & it fit perfectly…

did it change the rigity of your prelude?

probly a diff setup OR a different bar for the ITR i guess, because the autopower roll bar for the DA/DB mounts to the rear fenderwell’s NOT the strut tower mounts.

That’s what I meant, then inner fender wells. I am not fond of where that mounts because that area isn’t very stiff. Look into the Kirk racing bar, that’s what I’m going for.

I am putting my cage in this weekend, May 14 , 2005.
I hear lots of good things and lots of bad thing, I just need some guidinss.

Don’t know how to take out the back seat and panels

are you guys puttin this bar in the front or the back? i was reading sport compact car, and they were giving some hints on how to make a front wheel drive car oversteer, or just even out to make the car not understeer soo bad. they wrote that you need to run a big ass roll bar in back, smaller up front, less tire pressure in back, more damping in back, less damping in front, normal tire pressure in front. and this last months issue said something about runngin two different sizes of tires and/or rims. bigger tires in front of course, and narrower in back. if any of you guys can relate to this from experience, lemme kno, i want to kno what it takes to make a front wheel drive car oversteer, im soo tired of my friends thinkin there 240sx’s are the best cars around.


If your going for oversteer just for the sake of “spinning out and shiz”, thats a huge waste of money and effort and all of that jazz. You will spend an excessive amount of money on altering your suspension setup just so that you can throw the car around? I dont see the point. If you were going about it wisely and replacing stock parts with parts that alter the suspension dynamics to better EQUALIZE the under/over steer for performance reasons, im sure you would recieve alot more help and advice about how to go about it.

To be doing this to “SwiNG Y0 a$$ liKe @ m4d Doo|2iFT0”, forget about it.


DA6righthand : This thread is about Roll Cages/interior roll bars. You’re talking about anti-roll, or anti-sway bars, which is a suspension component. i.e.: two completely diffrent things.

dude, go to my team website and you will see it first had


this is what I have done to the car: sorry fot he lateness…
I have gutted the entire care, and have replaced every little part that was ivory to back and gray, hot as hell but I am still working on this.

question to you all is,do you all know how to get the pannels in with the cage and the correct hole placement?

looks good!

dadrifter- i just cut my panels right down the middle where they bend in back of the rear seats. it was the only way i could figure to get he panel back in, without cutting a 6" hole just to fit a 2" tube. and still be able to remove the rear section if need. if you are going to the 6/25/05 meet you can check mine out if you like.

this one kinda explaines it. pic is a few years old…

Dang, I had no idea your cage was the same color that I have. WOW!
and I see what you did, very smart.

I am going to be at the Orange meet on the 26th, I am bringging Chicken, :slight_smile:

dude I thought I was the only one with that color cage, I got mine powder coated, how about you?

that pic is from about 6 years ago. it was a ford blue er something. now it is satin black but it does’nt matter because the whole thing is covered in JAZ padding so you cant even see much of any paint anymore.

Dang I can not wait to see how you did it, I am trying to get all my crap done by then. I have the headliner and moonroof to put in and I am done with the interior

heres a 50% size one from 2 minutes ago :slight_smile: at least you only have interior to put in… im gonna try to get my full race traction bar in WITH abs :bang:

Nice…I hope I have all my headliner and moonroof done with the plastick panels, THe head liner and moonroof part is the hardest, looks great dude

hey jesse, your 1/64 fast and furious is pretty kool… hahaha