Axle problem.. Need help plz...!!

okay guyz…
i have a 93 integra gs… i followed the instructions on how to remove the axle, but the axle doesnt want to come off the hub… the spindle nut, brake calipers, and rotors are off. at first i tryed prying it off. then i thought it would be eazier to pull the axle off the halfshaft and beating on the end of the axle where the nut goes. still doesnt want to let go. i sprayed WD-40 and other liquid and beat on it some more. still no luck. i also tryed using a 5-ton jaw puller with the rotors on, then i end up breaking a pieace of the rotor. now i have the whole hub off the car with the axle still attach then i pull it on a stand and continued beating on it with a steel mallet hammer.

what do i try now? someone plz help…!!
is it bolted on the hub somewhere?(it does have ABS… i dont know if that has anything to do with it).
i know if i heat it up i might come off but i dont own a torch.

it should just fall out. your changing it?? id bust out the sledge if thats the case. if not just soak it up real good with some penetrant and keep beating on it. it’ll eventually come out. if it still doesn’t, gonna have to heat it up and change the bearing.

Take it to a machine shop and ask them to press it out.

You took the axle nut off right? Its the big 32mm nut that keeps the axle in the spindle. You have to stick a screwdriver in there and bend the metal wall back out. When you put the axle back on, make sure to use a punch and bend it back into the channel on the axle or the nut could back off.

Try putting a wrench extension through the axle nut hole and tap the end of the axle out… should come out with plenty of penetrating lube…

Like chsscot said… make sure you have taking the axle nut off first…

Try leaving for entended periods of time with PB blaster or Super Liquid Wrench. It does a lot more than WD-40 for penetrating rust IMO. Spray it from all angles and flip it over and let it sit both sides with the stuff on it like overnight. Spray it repeatedly if you can a few hours at a time. Also tap it real good when the goop is doing its thing so it can penetrate. It freaks me out sometimes the nuts that I can get off with a breaker bar and that

If super soaking and banging it doesnt work after a day then yeah…Time for a lot of heat.

From what you’ve said it sounds like you’ve tried almost everything. You’ve removed everything which has needed to be removed and it still won’t budge.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try heat if you can get a torch. But otherwise I would just keep trying the same methods but with more “gusto” or take it to a pro.

At this point you gotta figure it’s not going to hurt to hit it harder or force it more. Usually you want to be careful not to damage anything, but if this axle is taking that much abuse then you gotta do whatever you can to get it out. Best case scenario, you hit it harder, and it comes out. Worst case scenario, you brake something and have to pay to replace it. But if you don’t try, then you’ll never get it out and what will you do then?

well i finally got it out. i took it to a machine shop and they had a pretty hard time with it too. it had to be heated then press out with a hydraullic press.
thanks guys for all your help…!!