axles rubbing on DC forks?

So I put a DC koni/gc set-up on my DA and my axles rub on the DC damper forks I had to put on. Anyone else have this problem? What can you do about it? I was thinking of grinding away some of the fork but will that weaken it? I did quite a bit of research on using DC shocks/coil-overs on a DA but didn’t really hear anything about this problem. So has anyone else dealt with this that can give me some advice on what to do?

yeah thats normal, same happened when i had mine

just grind off a bit and you should be fine

normal, both my front axles have grooves.

Anyone care to explain how that is normal?

forks are shaped slightly different to house the wider shock and the DC chassis had different suspension geometry, atleast thats what i think.

The curve of the front leg of the fork is different and therefore when lowered rubs slightly on the axle. it’s not a big deal. a little dremel work and it’ll be fine.

lol at normal when you have to use a dremel to shave stuff. That’s not normal, but if it works fuck it

well like iceman said, thier from a DC not a DA so there is not normal DC fitment for a car their not designed for.