b16 swap info

im wondering how the engine comes in the crate when i order it, i mean is the tranny gona be bolted onto the engine or not? and is there anything else i need to buy like a clutch or anything else, i just wanna be ready to order my engine and put it in with no hassle … thanks :rockon:

how its shipped and packaged soley depends on where you order it from and how they package up engines. ask the place where your buying it from.

in terms of swapping and parts, search. many threads on it.

oh, i was thinkin of orderin from hmotorsonline , any1? order from them? or if theres a better deal than that id like to kno, and yes ive searched about the things involved in a swap , im just wondering if the engine should need anything out of the box … thanks for your help :slight_smile:

what ever is needed out of the box depends again on what is shipped with the box. no one can say what you need until you get your engine.

yeah i feel u , but im wondering if any1 will share their info about their swaps, like places they ordered from and all that good stuff. once again thanks for ur help bro :rockon:

i wanna

i wanna get a b16a when the summer starts. i was looking at the passwordjdm engines and their prices seem reasonable but i dont know about the quality of their engines. does anybody know?

i was also looking at the passwordjdm prices but 350 for shipping to Ny is crazy :mad:

lol word

i live in new york too. i dont know a lot about shipping prices, but now that u say its a high price im gonna try some place else. sucks for us in the east coast. :mad: i whish there were good places to buy engines overhere.

shipping from hmotorsonline.com is 150 from their east coast storage facility :clap:


i was looking at their engines but i didn’t know wut ther shiping cost was. i gues ill be ordering from them in the summer :clap: thanks

yup :slight_smile: :rockon:

for us new yorkers, try out…


I believe they are located in New Jersey.

My friend picked up a JDM B16 Gen 2 from them with LSD tranny. He went there and picked up the tranny himself.

wow good site :clap: i think its worth the drive to jersey

thats wuzz up

that place has very good prices, and i can just drive there :clap:

hmoters is a great compy i got a b16 from them and it seems like its in good shape…inlets were covered and it was wraped and packaged well

was the tranny bolted onto the engine or not? i hear they are pretty good :slight_smile:

To answer your question about Hmotors:

I have ordered 2 b16a’s from them. Both arrived within 1 and half weeks from purchase, and both were in very good shape. The motors were very clean I’m talking spotless. The motor comes on a big wooden pallet, it’s completely wrapped with like foam and industrial wrapped to the crate w/ all components attached. Nothing is detached, already assembeled. Great service. Shipping was only $150.
We cracked the tranny casing on the lsd tranny that came with my motor, called Steve at HMotors and he was like “Damn man, how the hell did you pull that one off?! Anyway, give me a call in a day or two and I’ll hook you up with another one.” He doesn’t even sale trannnies by themselves. Very cool guy.

:up: for HMotors

thats what i have been looking for :clap: thanks bro , how does she run? enjoying the lsd? im getting one too :slight_smile: