b16 xsi?

i need help, i just got the b16 motor swap done in my teg and i was told to get 94 del sol parts (obviously the dohc vtec motor) but they dont work. if anyone could tell me what kind of motor this is so i can buy the right parts i would be greatly apreciated. thanks a bunch

Which parts didn’t work?

well, if you have an non obd b16 del sol (ignition) parts wont work because the del sol is obd1 (or 2?). So the distributer cap, rotor, etc, wont work.

whoops what i need is a alternator, forgot to say that.

yeah, i had to use the stock 90 integra distributor cap & rotor for the motor. i have the obd 0 wiring. i bought a 94 del sol clutch kit and luckily it worked but the clutch did not fit the prongs as snug as the stock cluch that came w/ my motor. i am hoping that the threads wont stip when i am racing.
what i really need to know is what alternator to use 'cause i was going to use the alt. off of my b18 but the bracket didn’t fit. i was wondering if any b16 alt. would work.
any help would be apreciated.

I want to know the same thing. Ant what other parts off of other b16 will fit the 1st gen b16??? I need a distributor but dont really feel like using a b18. Rather use the reall thing with all 3 legs bolting up???

Get an alternator for your year integra and it will work. I have a 91 integra alternator on my B16 and it works an mounts perfectly. As far as the distributor for a JDM OBO B16A you will need to buy a 90-91 USDM Integraq Dist and cut the extra leg off. This is all covered in Dan’s swap guide in Teg Tips.