b16a bogging like a mutha!!!

okay, i have no clue what is goin on with my motor. i dropped in a b16 in my 2nd gen and now, when i start the car, she revs up to three, then keeps goin. i checked all the vacuum hoses and the timing is all good. i have no clue what is causing my car to go so crazy. also, when i press the gas, the car bogs like crazy. anybody have a clue as to what this could be?

is the throttle cable adjusted properly??


I had the same problem. I needed a new IACV (idle air control valve). Replaced it and the problem went away. You can check by taking it off the intake manifold and looking at it. You can do a search for it, i’ve heard of people cleaning there’s and it working for them. I also had a problem with the knock sensor (code 21 or 23 I think). If you have a PR3 ecu there should be a C.E.L (check engine light code) blinking on your ECU. Check the code and go from there…Good luck in Hawii, lucky B&stard!


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I know this sounds simple but my old G1 integra had a bogg like the one you describle due to a faulty spark plug wire. I dont think that would account for the raising rpm’s but just goes to show you check the overly simple things before the problems that are less likely

good luck