b16a head question

looking to put a b16a head in my 93 integra just wondering if it will work at all. i dont know much about that head except for its a obd1, but i stll dont know if it is possible to put on. right now i have a stock b18 motor in the teg. just wondering will it work. i was also wondering will i lose torque if i put that head on. also what will i need to put this head on because my car dosnt have vtec now. i also heard that its called lsvtec. could somone give me details in what i should do, i dont no much about these things

holy crap, dude… that has been covered more times than you can imagine. the best thing you can do is SEARCH!!! :search:
ya know that thing that blinks bright red at the top of the screen, it says seach… try it. or since thats too hard obviously… click here or here

it will give you the torque of the stock b18a1 but u will get the hp of the b16. u would have to do some rewiring because it a vtec head.