b16a ignition help

i tried searching but didn’t really find anything. anyways, i want to upgrade my ignition but i dont really know what to buy. i got a b16a swap and i know i can use wires and plugs from a 99-00 si. what about the cap and rotor? what vehicle do i buy them from that will work with my b16a? thanx for the help in advance.

is it a obd0 or obd1 b16a?? i’m not sure what to use on a obd0 but on a obd1 you can use a 92 on up gsr cap

del sol?? :hmm:

for the cap and rotor just get it for a 90-91 integra if its obd0 its the same thing

oh and the wires are tricky… i got some for a 92 gsr, del sol vtec, and a 99 Si and they all fit weird. they didnt want to sit down on the valve cover properly and seal, there was a little gap.
being advance auto wires probably had something to do with it but i’m not sure. they still worked fine but there was just a little gap.

i tired to make a parts compatibility thread and nobody wanted to add anything useful. like what USDM parts we can buy and use on our JDM motors…

thanx for the help, i have an obd-0 b16a swap. glad to know that i can use the cap and rotor from a 90-91 teg and it will work. as far as the wires, i am gonna get some msd wires and i already have ngk plugs. anything else anyone want to add?