b16a to civic type r Q's

i have a b16a but am about to break it apart and swap all b16b ctr parts into the engine just want to know if you have to due anythiung to the block to make the pistons fit or will the pistons fit right in i have no info about the ctr pistons so any info would be helpfull and does anyone know if the ctr crank is the same as the b16a crank thanks for all the help

B16A and B16B crank and connecting rods are DIFFERENT.

A B16B is closer to an ITR block than a B16A… it is essentially a destroked B18C-R. I don’t know what kind of compression CTR internals would yield on a B16A short-block, but if you put CTR pistons in an otherwise stock B16A, the compression would be higher than a stock B16B. B16A connecting rods need to be minorly modified to accept CTR pistons…

i have heard it is not advisable to put ctr pistons in. too much compression. the ITR pistons would probably be a safer choice.

I have CTR pistons in my b16a and the head is milled… no problems, I have put about 7k on the engine, its runs fine on 93 octane

Yeah, CTR pistons in a B16A block isn’t bad… it’s right at about 11:1 compression, which, imo, is ideal for a street-driven N/A motor.

so beside the minor adjustment that must be made to the rods, do the ctr pistons fit right in?

all you need to do is have the rods shaved 1mm on each side, then they fit right in just like the stock pistons.