B17 Axle?

K, well both of my axles are very close to drying up and dying out on me, so I’m going to need to replace both axles soon enough. So all axles from 90-93 will work in my B17?
I found this thread: http://g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106165&highlight=VTEC+axle
but it did not mention the B17, so I was unsure. Tell me to search all you want, I did, but just want to clarify. :slight_smile: KTHX

There are only 2 different axles for the DA… ABS and NON-ABS. Fitment is exactly the same on both, the only difference is that the abs ones come w/ a metal ring around the outer joint which is what the abs sensors “sense” to be able to tell the system if the wheels are locking up or not.

So if you have abs, you’ll need abs axles (or else your abs will not work).

All righty, thank you.