B18A/B with crower 403's

anyone here with B18a/b with 403’s ? what are ur cam gear settings and fuel pressure set at?

if the cam gear is set at +2 int and -3 exh , what is the appropriate fuel pressure setting? cause I got it at 38 psi (hose connected) right now and the a/f gauge shows 2 led’s at stoich and 2 at rich. I want to know if i could lower it a li’l bit more. stinks a li’l bit at idle but i don’t want it to detonate

I know that going to the dyno is the best way to know about the a/f ratio but has anyone here with the 403 cams dynoed their car?


an egt gauge is way more acurate that a a/f gauge…i think, a/f gauge is just candy for the eyes…hey once you figure out how much hp w/ those 403 post the dyno sheet

I’ll look into that egt gauge. tnx